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7/20/15 – Why is Custom Cabinetry More Expensive than Stock Cabinets?

This is a question I get almost weekly by consumers that call us after not finding the quality or styling they want in the big box stores or kitchen cabinet showrooms. The obvious difference of made to order cabinets is that we are creating a kitchen, closet, or home office that is built to suit your needs and space. We will spend the time to understand your needs and wishes, take exact on-site measurements, show you different possibilities of design and materials to fit your budget and make recommendations that you may not have thought of to optimize the space and functionality of the room. Upon acceptance of a quote, we will create 3d drawings and elevations, colour samples and offer accessories that can compliment the space and give you better function. Since we design, build and install, we have total control over every phase to insure a successful project. How many times have you ordered something from a box store and gotten the right color, size or style? The salesperson is paid by the hour and will order anything you want as long as it fits into that stores available size and color. If there is an error, no one will take responsibility or compensate you for your aggravation. Our price will reflect the time it takes to create a personalized product for you and make sure that it arrives on time and we will not make excuses that the floor or ceiling are not level. The buck stops with us and our reputation is only as good as our last project. This attention to detail will naturally cost more than a factory made box. In future blogs, I will explain the different materials that are used in manufacturing our cabinets and the pros and cons at each price level. Many consumers are confused by the terms wood veneer, laminates, thermofoil and melamine. I will explain the qualities of each and why they have a place in cabinetry… Stay tuned. 

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